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Roast Styles

A comment from the roaster.

When roasting coffee I apply a simple philosophy to roasting coffee,
roast the coffee to a level that highlights the best aspects of the coffee.
I have discovered that each and every coffee is different depending on its origin.

At Trifecta Coffee Company I believe dark roasted coffee is not always better.  In fact many of the coffees I roast are best if they are lighter in color, like an American or City roast, often chosen for one of our Latin American coffees.

When choosing a roast style I consider how the cup should tast at the beginning, middle and end of a cup. I look for the right amount of acidity or ( LIFE) of the coffee. Each coffee offers different flavor, aroma and body. Its my job to try to find that perfect balance in flavor, body, and finish. Leaving only the best coffee has to offer. 

The roast styles listed below try to put into words what we try to extract in flavor from the coffees you select. Try to describe, color, acidity and body for each roasting style.



This is one of the lightest styles of roast offered. The Coffee beans are a light toasted nut brown color with no oils visible on the beans. typically the surface is dry in look and touch. Trifecta Coffee COmpany offers this roast to preserve some of the floral and fruit like aromas and flavors Often found in some Latin American and African coffees.
Althought the roast is light this does not mean the flavor isnt strong, the Body of the coffee is a bit lighter or thin in mouthfeel but fear not this roast style doesnt mean you will have a weak cup of coffee!


Slightly darker than the American Roast, this roast style ensures that the coffee roasting process is halted just prior to the oils can begin to come to the surface. The body of the coffee begins to get a bit heavier, the brighter flavors are still present in the first impression you get tasting this style of roast. only a little bit less bright than the American roast style.

Full City

This roast style provides a fine balance between maintainging many of the subltle flavors and providing a bigger bolder impression in the coffee because the Body of the coffee is heavier. Again the first impression of the coffees roasted with a Full City roast should not disapoint yet. the finish of many of the coffees roasted as Full City leave a smooth aftertaste, not harsh or astringent.


Now we are beiginning to push the edge of what most coffees can handle. the oils are clearly present on these coffees and we recomend that vienna roast ad darker roast coffees get consumed within a week or two at the latest.  a dark brown color with a touch of acidity still remaims but the coffee tends to taste more bitter sweet, the heavier oils tend to smooth out the bitterness and the finish is still smooth with a hint of smokiness.

French Roast

This is the Darkest roast you will ever find at Trifecta Coffee Company. Most of the complex flavors are no longer present. Leaving you with a bold heavy cup. Still with this roast we try to apply it to certain coffees that seen to have a  harder density and can handle a longer roasting time and hgher temperature. Not all coffees fare as well under a French roast.

Italian and Spanish

This is where some would say the coffee is completely charred, or burnt, But thats not to say its bad its a preference to how you like your coffee. At Trifecta we typically avoid this roast style. The Coffee is almost black, heavily coated in shiny oils. throughout the beans. The flavor is typically heavy  with a creosle like taste. leaving a heavy aftertaste.  Beware if your stomach is sensitve, the heavy oils on this coffee may not be very friendly to your system.