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 These coffee blends have been created specifically for our wholesale customers.
Try the different ones and see what other cafes, bakeries , breweries like!

Alicia's Special Blend

 Special Blend of Costa RIca used by Alicia's Bagels Rio Rancho.

Fine Grind Only

Cold Brew 1 Gal.

 A special Cold Brew concentrate product available only to wholesale customers.

Farmy Fuel Sumatra

Private Label Sumatra for Skarsgard Farms see Sumatra not for sale to general public see our Sumatr coffee instead.

2013 Choc&Coffee 2013

 Special Proprietary Blend For Il Viciono's Brewery Canteen

MSRP: $12.95
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New Mexico Pie Blend

 Special Blend by Chef Andrea from te New Mexico Pie company

Whoo's Donut Blend

 Special Blend created For Whoo's Donuts in Santa Fe

Y&C Blend 1lb

 Proprietary blend used exculsively for Yarn & Coffee Santa Fe